Friday, October 23, 2009

A Funny Thing ...
Follow this link to a video clip of EMU Theatre's A Funny Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum. It opens tonight, October 23, 2009, 7 p.m. in the Quirk Theatre and runs through Halloween night! Box office 734.487.2282.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Forensics Team Update 10/9/09

The EMU Forensics team has hit the ground running this season. Thanks to hard work and diligence from the coaching staff & students over the summer, the team has already traveled to seven tournaments, finishing third, third, third, third, second, fourth and seventh place respectively. Perhaps what’s most exciting about these finishes is that Eastern’s entry size at each tournament has been dwarfed by all other top 10 teams. Yet even with small entries, the students are fairing quite well in final rounds, bringing home team trophies over some of the most competitive teams in the country.

University of Indianapolis Invitational:
Omar Orme: Extemp- 3rd, Informative- 1st, Persusion- 3rd
Ian Hatch: Prose- 5th
Tommy Petersen: Prose- 4th, Duo- 2nd
Mike Schafer: Extemp- 5th, Impromptu- 3rd
Jon Stowell: Impromptu- 2nd
Jon Conway: Informative- 2nd
Arthur Valenzuela: Duo- 2nd

Purdue Invitational:
Arthur Valenzuela: Prose- 6th, Duo- 1st
Charlie Chappel: D.I.- 3rd
Tommy Petersen: Duo- 1st
Jon Stowell: Extemp- 1st, Impromptu- 2nd, Persuasion- 2nd

Western Kentucky Swing Day One:
Ian Hatch: Prose- 2nd, D.I.- 1st
Omar Orme: Extemp- 3rd, Impromptu- 1st, Informative- 6th, Rhet. Crit- 2nd, Persuasion- 2nd
Jon Conway:Informative- 5th

Western Kentucky Swing Day Two:
Omar Orme: Persuasion- 4th, Rhet. Crit- 1st, Extemp- 3rd, Impromptu- 3rd
Ian Hatch: D.I.- 5th

O.C.C Novice Workshop/Tournament:
Evan Mann: Prose- 5th, Impromptu- 1st

74 Swing : Day One:
Omar Orme: Extemp- 3rd, Crit- 4th
Jon Stowell: Persuasion- 3rd
Mike Schafer: Impromptu- 5th
Thom Munger: ADS- 4th

74 Swing: Day Two:
Jon Stowell: Persuasion- 3rd, Extemp- 6th
Thom Munger: ADS- 6th
Ian Hatch: DI- 7th
Alex Landen: Novice Prose- 4th