Monday, July 20, 2009

EMU Forensics -- It's not fall yet but we are hard at work!

Forensicators & Friends,

The weekend of June 27 we had our first prep of the 2009-2010 season and it would be hard to be more pleased. Our new coaching staff (welcome Maggie Wade from Western Kentucky University) spent several hours meeting and strategizing on Friday in order to harness the potential of this year’s team. We had a great showing. Of the returning members all but four were in attendance and one of our new transfers came as well! In fact I would like to congratulate Ian Hatch and Jon Conway for having the first two PA’s of the season written. We can not wait to see who has the first interp up.

We are looking to take a strong entry to the first tournament of the year. In fact we are gearing to win the tournament on September 12th. Below is our intended entry.

Beemer – Prose, DI, Info
Bell – Prose, Duo
Chappel – DI, ADS (Imp or Poetry)
Clark – Crit, Prose
Colman - TBA
Conway – Info, Pers, Ext, Imp
Green - Prose, Poetry, DI, (Info or Crit)
Hatch – Prose, DI, Info
Milewski – TBA
Orme – TBA (Info, ADS, Ext, Imp)
Thomas Petersen – TBA
Dan Peterson - TBA
Rick – DI, Prose, (Info)
Scavone – can not travel until October
Schafer – Crit, ADS, Extemp, Imp
Schrief – Can not compete first semester
Stowell – Per, Ext, Imp, (ADS or Info)
Valenzuela - TBA
Williams – Poe, Prose, Duo, Imp

On July 31st we plan on celebrating some more as it is our summer banquet/picnic. It is currently scheduled at the University Park pavilion (behind Snow health center). We are hoping to meet the rest of our transfers and our new freshman. The following Saturday and Sunday we will be working hard again to get these events up and ready for competition. If you have any questions about prep, please email Amy at

Ray, Amy & Mike